Teacher: Jaclyn Calder
Contact: jcalder@scdsb.on.ca
Blog: http://teachercalder.ca

This course is a GLS1O Learning Strategies. Grade 9 students at MSS were all asked to bring a laptop or tablet to school this year. This course will use the expectations and themes from GLS1O to support students developing skills required for success in school using their devices.
  • Skills for Success 
    • Yourself as a learner (strengths and needs) 
    • Technology to support learning 
    • Communication 
    • Organization 
    • Planning for the future 
  • Numeracy 
    • Gap Closing 
    • Multiples (lowest common multiples, factors, etc.) 
    • Problem Solving Skills 
  • War Brothers (a novel or graphic novel about child soldiers) 
    • Literacy 
    • Global Collaborations 
    • OSSLT Prep 
    • Conflict Resolution 
  • Environmental Literacy 
    • Earthwatchers and deforestation in Borneo as our theme 
  • Health and Well-Being 
    • SPARK 
    • balancing screen time and non-screen time 
  • Mind Set 
  • Digital Citizenship and Literacy 
    • Netiquette 
    • Safety online 
    • Research Information 
    • Sourcing information and media 
    • Wikipedia 
  • Genius Time 
    • Here you will put the strategies and skills you develop over the semester to use to focus your learning on something that interests you. 
  • My Hero project

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