Child Soldiers

We are going to design our literacy work and OSSLT prep work around the novel/graphic novel War Brothers.

We will write option pieces, summaries, scripts and practice a variety of reading strategies. Hopefully our class will be able to connect to some video conferences among students from all over the world and hear the stories of a few former child soldiers. Our research and digital literacy skills will be used to research conflicts around the world.

RESOURCES for class:

Article about KONY2012: “We Got Trouble - by Visible Children”

Child Soldiers Blog Post Resources:

  • DR Congo Warlord Thomas Lubanga Sentenced to 14 Years 

  • Taylor Sierra Leone War Crimes Trial Verdict Welcomed' 

  • Consigning Child Soldiers to an Ugly Chapter in History 

  • Child Soldiers: Roméo Dallaire's Wrenching Return to Africa's 'Gang Warfare'
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